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Understanding Nutrition Labels

| Friday, December 12, 2008
Whether you are trying to become more aware of what you eat, want to establish healthier eating habits, or want to cut down on calories to lose weight, nutrition labels are printed on food packages in order to easily inform you about the food you are buying and to help you make healthier food decisions. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has provided consumers with information about nutrition labels to help the public make wiser food choices.

According to the FDA, the information in the main section of a nutrition label usually varies with each product you purchase, and will contain information specific to that product, including serving size, calories, and other nutrient information. The bottom part of a nutrition label contains the Daily Values for a 2,000 and 2,500 calorie diet. This section also provides the recommended dietary information for nutrients like fat, salt or sodium, and fiber.

When you read a nutrition label, start by determining the serving size of the product and how many servings come in the package. This can help you determine the nutritional value of foods you are comparing. The serving size often influences the number of calories listed on the nutrition label. Pay attention to the serving size and ask yourself if you are sticking to the serving size on the label or it you are eating more than one serving.

The Daily Values can help you know if the food you are choosing is high in a nutrient or if you may want to consider choosing something else. Don't worry if you don't understand each of the percentages in the Daily Values chart. Just think of this section as a general guide to determine whether a food is high in nutrients or not. With a little effort and education, nutrition labels can help you meet your healthy eating goals.


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